My Fantasy Life – Dreams Of Being A Rocker Chick

Maria Brink

I haven’t yet been able to make enough money as a writer (yet), so I, like many, have a day job. This week I started a new one. I was shown my office, introduced to key people I’ll need to know, given online access to order supplies, blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, I’m […]


Mutual Masturbation Or, Going Solo With Company

Mutual Masturbation picture

In erotic romances there are endless creative ways that authors “spice up” the sex scenes by moving beyond the traditional guy/girl going at it in the bedroom. Nowadays we’ve got ménage (pick your pleasure, either F/M/M or F/F/M), group, gay, voyeur, bondage, and on and on. But I read an interesting article on mutual masturbation […]


Soccer Studs: A Primer For American Gals

Christiano Ronaldo

We’ve all heard the statistic about soccer (or football, as it’s called everywhere but in the U.S.) being the world’s most popular sport. With over three billion people in its fan base, it far surpasses every other sports in terms of most watched and most played, so no matter how you look at it, soccer is […]


Studs And Nymphos: An Irritating Distinction

Sexy dark haired woman

In conducting background research for a story I’ve been considering, I needed to have the actual definition of a “nymphomaniac” so I turned to several dictionaries to see what they said. Here’s what I found: A woman with inordinate sexual desire. A woman who has abnormally excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire. Of or relating to […]


Pictures In The Eyes Of The Beholder

Woman Hiding Behind Book

In going through the process of getting my website completed, I’ve been thinking a lot about author photos. For writers of erotic romance, in particular, this can be a tricky decision. To have a photo, or not to have a photo. That is the question. Like many, I have a “day job” unrelated to my […]


Writing Props

Woman writing a letter

In his wonderful book On Writing, Stephen King notes a few things that are necessary in the space where he writes in order to fuel his creative juices. High on the list for King is to have musical accompaniment when he’s writing. “I work to loud music –  hard-rock stuff like AC/DC, Guns ‘n Roses, and Metallica have always […]