Howling Good: Wolf Tales

I gotta confess, sometimes the mood hits me for a really hot read. You know, as in smokin’-until-my-insides-dissolve hot. Until my mattress spontaneously combusts while I’m reading. That kind of hot. I rarely read “sweet” romances, but my tastes varies between steamy and downright scorching. And as long as the romance is strong and present, I’m open to […]


Let’s Hear It For The Girls

Women's Barracks Cover

In tribute to the recently announced passing of Tereska Torrès, who’s credited with writing America’s first lesbian pulp novel, Women’s Barracks, I thought it would be fitting to talk about romances for girls who, you know, like girls. According to the obituary in the New York Times, two years after Ms. Torrès’  novel was published, The House Select […]


Bad Boys and Circus Freaks


Been reading some interesting stuff this week and I’ve got a couple of recommendations for your weekend downloads. Sheltered, by Charlotte Stein, is quite a good read. There are some interesting elements to her characters that drew me in from the start.The heroine is Evie, an only child who lives with a horribly abusive, domineering father who keeps […]


Can erotic horror be romantic?

Scared Woman

I”m always up for a good scare. Ghosts, abandoned houses, demonic possession, things going bump in the night . . . bring it on, I say. The horror genre fascinates me because I find it interesting to consider what truly frightens people. The causes can be so vastly different. A writer who’s figured out how to […]


A good-old fashioned gothic romance. I think.

The Lantern

I recently finished The Lantern, a book that draws similarities to Daphne Du Maurier’s classic Rebecca in both setting (crumbly old farmhouse in Provence) and suspensful atmosphere. Author Deborah Lawrenson’s book has been labeled as “a modern gothic novel of love, secrets, and murder,” and that’s what enticed me to read it in the first place. I dug Rebecca and […]


Ahh Italy! The food, the sights, the art . . . the romance?


Having just returned from a vacation in Italy, I was struck by how much that country is a venerable feast for the senses. Smells and tastes of sumptuous food, sights of stunning art and architecture from cities steeped in history, the soul-stirring ringing of church bells, the rugged feel of the cobblestones beneath my feet […]