Howling Good: Wolf Tales

I gotta confess, sometimes the mood hits me for a really hot read. You know, as in smokin’-until-my-insides-dissolve hot. Until my mattress spontaneously combusts while I’m reading. That kind of hot.

I rarely read “sweet” romances, but my tastes varies between steamy and downright scorching. And as long as the romance is strong and present, I’m open to who’s doing what and how often to whom. On Wednesday I blogged about F/F romances. Today we open the kimono and embrace variety in all its glory, which leads me to Wolf Tales.

Wolf TalesAuthor Kate Douglas began her series, which ultimately resulted in twelve full novels, in January of 2006. The most recent Wolf Tales book was published in June of 2011. The basic premise of each story centers around characters who are able to transform into wolves. And ultimately, that’s what makes it interesting. The characters have sex with each other when they’re in human form, and they have sex with each other when they’re in wolf form. They have heterosexual relationships; they have homosexual relationships. They have sex between couples. They have sex in groups. To pound home my message, there’s a lot of scorching hot sex in these books. I like the fact that there are so many sensual, steamy scenes between the characters, but what I really like is the love the chacters have for one another.

These books aren’t just an orgy free-for-all. As one reviewer put it about the last book, “The depth of emotions that everyone feels in this book makes for a wonderful read.” Such is the case with all twelve books. I think the reason this super erotic series works is because the flaming sex is “coupled” (ha ha) with love stories that work.

Ultimately I think that’s what distinguishes readers of erotic romance from readers of erotica – erotic romance readers demand the romance as well as the heat. Yeah, it’s fun when the romance involves interesting and arousing situations. Our heroine who’s got not one but two heavenly hunks obsessed with her. Or maybe there’s a vampire lusting after her. Or perhaps our gal is some sort of other-worldly creature itself and goes out mating with whomever she darn well pleases. As long as the romance is there as well, I’m open to whatever lusty situations the writer wants to spring on me.

Check out Wolf Tales. They’re howlin’ good.

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