Valentine’s Day Wisdom From A Cover Model

So here we are at the time of year when flower vendors, chocolatiers, and jewelers all lick their chops in anticipation of cash register glory. That’s right, my friends. Love it or hate it, we’re staring down the road of another Valentine’s Day. For the loveless out there, it can be a bleak day. No […]


What Kind Of Woman Hires A Gigolo?

Showtime's Gigolos

Right around a year ago this time, I wrote a post about the Showtime reality show, Gigolos. Aside from the undeniable titillation factor of watching hot guys having sex, there’s something appealing about how the show depicts the lives of men who work as professional gigolos. You get glimpses into their private lives, their interests outside […]


Listen Up, Ladies. It’s “Man Rules” Time

Warrior Man

Have you heard this one? Q: What’s the one thing men and women can agree on? A: They both prefer the company of men. Now, I can’t say that I find that entirely true, but I will admit that I enjoy talking with men. Men can be charming, intelligent, funny, and stimulating conversationalists. Often times […]


My Secrets Are Safe With Me

Sensual couple in a sexy pose

We’re all aware of the old adage, “write what you know.” For some writers, that wisdom is like a mantra. John Grisham, attorney, writing legal thrillers. Same with Dr. Robin Cook on the medical front. They have the expertise and credentials to write novels in their chosen fields, and readers trust that the facts relevant […]


Are Non-Smoking Bad Boys Still Bad?

Strong guy b&w

Let’s say someone tells you to picture a bad boy. What comes to mind? For me it’s a mixture of the following: tattooes, silver chains hanging from the pockets (purpose unknown), riders of bad-ass motorcycles, occasional scrapes with the law, listeners of hard rock, swillers of alcohol, kickers of ass. But what about a cigarette […]


Screw Jogging – I’m Gonna Sexercise

Sexy woman black sports bra

I live in a cold climate. Not as cold as where I was born and raised, but damn cold enough. Over the past few weeks it’s been single digits in the morning and at six a.m., it’s still dark. So what do I find myself doing? Taking a plunge in hell, as far as I’m […]