Skipping Over The Sex Scenes

Kissing couple man with tats and long hair

Do you remember the first time you ever read a sex scene? I sure do. The book wasn’t even a romance, in fact it was a murder mystery, but there was a brief scene between two characters meeting for a secret tryst in a snow- covered woodsy cabin. There’s a bit of naughty phone talk […]


Is Manscaping Manly?

Shirtless male model ripped

Back in 1972, Cosmopolitan magazine published a centerfold of Burt Reynolds in his birthday suit stretched out on a bearskin rug. The photo was no less than a media sensation and was considered groundbreaking for the female sexual revolution. After all, ladies have been strutting their naked selves for the entertainment of men for years. At last […]


The Unfortunate Allure Of Affairs

Couple kissing in black armchair

“The allure of affairs is that they’re not bogged down with the realities of everyday life.” So I’m at home, indulging in one of my true guilty pleasures: the ID Channel. I really shouldn’t be watching this channel. I mean, I really shouldn’t. After all, I’ve got books to write. Deadlines to meet! Luckily my guilty […]


Where’s The Sex? Frustrations Of Love In The Digital Age

Nude guy in bed alone

One nice thing about the holiday season is that we often have a little more time than normal to snuggle up with loved ones. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, snuggling is a good way to keep your fires burning, right? Unless, of course, you and your loved one have never even met. Strange […]


Rolling Around Naked In The Snow

Couple in the sand

I’m headed off to Finland tomorrow for Christmas with family. Despite the fact that it’s cold and dark there, it’s a good time. Friends, family, great food, incredible pastries, and icy cold vodka. Oh, and there’s also an opportunity to get naked, plunge headfirst into a snowbank, and roll around like a dog in heat. […]


Give Me Some Of That Baboon Piss, ‘Cause I’m In The Mood For Love

Sexy couple b&w Italian looking guy

We’ve all heard talk about aphrodisiacs that supposedly stimulate certain nerve endings or elevate the heart rate and energy level to get the ol’ motor running, but as I mentioned in the comment section of Kiersten Hallie Krum‘s Monday blog, I’m not buying it. I’ve slurped my share of oysters, eaten plenty of chocolate, and […]