Who You Callin’ A Bitch Or A Ho? Why I Hate “Blurred Lines”

Emily R Blurred Lines

I’m going to state right up front that my opinion about the song “Blurred Lines” may be in the minority. After all, it spent twelve weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart, so obviously there are folks bopping along to the catchy beat and thinking it’s a fun little summer tune. But you know what? […]


Step Aside, Buttplug: There’s A New Sheriff In Town


Ah . . the joys of sex toys! Fun to play with, fun to write about. They’re to an erotic romance author what props are to an actor. They add detail to the story and give the performers something to do with their hands. heh . . But in our tech-saturated world where the latest […]


Rape And Forced Orgasms: How Far Is Too Far?


Besides being one myself, I’m a fan of writers. It can be a frustrating, lonely, difficult aspiration and I admire anyone who’s actually jumped in and taken fingers to keyboard to bang out the characters in her head who refuse to pipe down. For those reasons and more, I salute my writing sisters and don’t […]


Cops And Robbers – My Sensual Fantasy

Sexy Cop

I’ve got cops and robbers on my mind this week, so I wrote a sexy fantasy story. I hope you enjoy! I looked around the small, dingy room. Drab curtains, peeling paint, TV in the corner that looked like it had been new circa 1987. Not exactly the kind of place a girl wants to […]


No Doubt About It – Doubt Is Evil


My local RWA monthly chapter meetings generally proceed with a more or less consistent agenda: we discuss new business, hold an author round-up about what we’re all working on, and then begin our critique sessions. Steady as she goes. But last Saturday’s meeting swayed a bit off course when it came to the critique session. […]


Where Are All The Asians?

Thai guy in the water

Along with my fellow Lady Smut bloggers, I’m thrilled that the talented writer Alexa Day will soon be joining our regular weekly line-up. Not only does Alexa bring a new voice to our blog, but she also brings something else – diversity to her books through her interracial romances. Diversity in romance novels has been […]