Fantasy Football, Lady Smut Style

Happy fall, everyone! Temperatures are falling, leaves are falling, and tomorrow the 2013/14 football season gets underway. Like it or loathe it, football’s here to stay. For some gals it means fleeing their homes on Sundays like it’s a barn on fire. The games are long and never seem to end. When one’s over, another […]


Hauntingly Beautiful: Mrs. Poe

Mrs Poe

There’s nothing quite like the heartache of an illicit love affair. The clandestine meetings, the stolen kisses, the longing that lovers have for one another whenever they’re apart. Throw in 19th century societal restrictions and the most famous writer of the time and you’ve got the makings for one heck of a book. Enter, Mrs. […]


Smelling All Men!

Man Wearing Cologne

Why is it in romances that when we read descriptions of how the hero smells it’s basically down to one of three choices: smoke, leather, or the woods. And generally, those scents are said to be the hero’s own, naturally emanating from his pores like a magical sweet-smelling sweat. Guys in romances rarely wear cologne; […]


Kicking Rejection To The Curb

Rejection Sign

As many writers do, I keep a lot of files. I’ve got files for book research, subdivided into time periods (Medieval, Elizabethan, earth 19th C., etc.), files for blogging ideas, files for book ideas, blogging research, publicity, conference information, and on and on. I’ve also (happily!) got a couple files for book contracts. This plethora […]


Taken By Him – Book Review

Taken By Him - Book Review

It must be fun to be a billionaire. The world is your playground, you’re the master of your own time, living paycheck-to-paycheck is something you’ve never heard of. You can be rude and cocky and arrogant and still people will throw themselves at your well-shod feet, begging, whimpering to do your bidding. And if you’re hot […]


Rocker Dudes – Hot Or Not?

Give me a tall, cool glass of Lenny anytime.

Last Wednesday I was two days into a new office job and the sterile atmosphere of corporate America had me pining for my thrill-a-minute, adventurous and most decidedly glamorous fantasy life as a rocker chick. I imagined the cool clothes, the awe-struck fans, and the hot rocker guys drooling over me as I jetted off […]