My Fantasy Life – Dreams Of Being A Rocker Chick

Maria Brink

In This Moment’s lead vocalist Maria Brink. Tiny girl, screaming voice.

I haven’t yet been able to make enough money as a writer (yet), so I, like many, have a day job. This week I started a new one. I was shown my office, introduced to key people I’ll need to know, given online access to order supplies, blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to have it. We all must pay the bills, after all. But as I sit and attend to my day-job duties, I employ tactics designed to prevent my mind from going numb and dissolving into a gooey, gelatinous mess. One of those tactics is to dream about my alternate fantasy life, the one I’d have if I could do anything in the world! What is it, you ask? Well, naturally, I’d be a hot rocker chick.

Syd Duran

Syd Duran from Valora. The leather! The boots!

Being a hot rocker chick screams young, and sexy, and fun. First off, there’s the clothes. No pencil skirts and sharp blazers for these girls. No hair in a bun and conservative string of pearls. No way. Rocker chicks are all about leather, metal studs, killer-heeled boots, and bustiers. Sometimes they wear dog collars. Why not? They’re rockers. They’re not going to get criticized for failing to demonstrate the utmost in professional dress. Ripped stockings, ripped jeans, leather jackets. It’s all OK if you’re rockin’ out.

Their  makeup is all-out, too. Heavy eyeliner, wild shadows, blazing red lipstick. Or maybe black lipstick. Or purple. Who cares! As long as it’s crazy and fun and NOT traditional. They have their choice of hair colors as well, a much broader range than what’s acceptable to us office drones. I couldn’t walk into the office with a head of neon green hair or even a few choice green strands here and there. That just wouldn’t work in your basic office high rise. But a rocker girl’s office is the STAGE, where anything goes! In my fantasy my hair is jet black with purple streaks. I have black eyeshadow that glitters, and blood red lips. My boots are black and long and laced up the sides. I’m super skinny, too, because I exert so much energy night after night as I’m on tour, screaming into the microphone while hordes of adoring fans mouth the words along with me. My fans think I’m the bomb! They love my hair, my clothes, and my tats.

Amy Lee

Amy Lee from Evanescence. Bad-ass rocker chick and a classically trained pianist to boot.

Oh yeah, that’s another thing. As a hot rocker chick I get to have as many tattoos as I want. I can even have one on my neck if I’m feeling the urge. But nah, in my fantasy I don’t have a neck tattoo, but I do have tattoos on my shoulders, ankles, and one side along my ribs. I get the tattoos – sexy, naughty, a little scary – from time to time as I’m on tour.

If you’re in a band, then you have to travel. I know that in interviews touring rock bands talk of the endless days away from home, friends, and family. They get to the point where they don’t remember what city they’re in and no longer even care. Well, I’m not shedding any tears. Because, really, no matter the hardships of travel, at least rockers are seeing the world and not chained to a desk.

Cristina Scabbia

Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil. Italian, huge vocal range, and member of the over-40 crowd!

As a hot rocker chick, because I’m so hot (heh!), I get to have lots of uninhibited sex. I’ll have a string of boyfriends and they’ll all be kind of scary, not the kind of guys you bring home to meet the parents. They’ll all be the ultimate bad boys and they’re all crazy about me! (I’m telling you, this fantasy thing is awesome). Oh, and they’ll all be rockers,too. And speaking of rockers . . . well, tune in next week, where my fantasy continues as I think about hot rockers guys!

What about you? What’s your ultimate fantasy if you could be anything you wanted?

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