Sexy Santa Story: Talkin’ ’bout Wicked Wonderland

Wicked Wonderland

Once you’ve got the stockings all hung up with care in the hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there, what’s a gal to do? If you’re like me, you may be in the mood for a spicy read to take away winter’s chill and put you in a merry mood. In that case, you […]


Talkin’ Sex on the Telephone

Woman On Telephone

The company where I work is setting up a new call center and we’re conducting testing to see if the reps who pick up calls actually know what they’re talking about. I’m quizzing them on various scenarios to make sure they’re giving out correct information, so I’m spending a lot of time developing a relationship […]


Yummy Dancing Men

It’s snowing outside my window as I type this, and holiday decorations abound. Twinkling lights, festive storefronts, and sexy male dancers. Wait . . . what? I can hear you readers out there right now. You’re wondering 1) if Elizabeth Shore is off her rocker; and 2) if she does, in fact, have full control of […]


Outdoor Playtime

On a trip to Italy last fall, my husband and I were in Siena when a sudden downpour overtook the city and had tourists scrambling for cover. Most of the tourists, that is, except for one intrepid young couple who remained alone in the middle of Siena’s large main square, kissing passionately while the rain […]


Artful Sensuality

Leda - Correggio

I went on a to D.C. last weekend to visit a friend and fellow art lover. She and I are fervent devotees of renaissance art (I am, after all, @renaissance 11 on Twitter) and plan trips to Italy around the best museums. Gazing at a Caravaggio gets me as excited as a teenage girl at a One […]


Heroine, Flawed

Job Interview

In corporate interviews, it’s advised by recruiters to put a positive spin on every question that’s asked. So if a hiring manager wants an admission of what a candidate’s “weaknesses” are, the potential employee is coached to say something like, “I’m always having to be told to get out of the office and take some vacation!” Part of my […]