Yummy Dancing Men

Male Dancer With Flowing ShirtIt’s snowing outside my window as I type this, and holiday decorations abound. Twinkling lights, festive storefronts, and sexy male dancers.

Wait . . . what? I can hear you readers out there right now. You’re wondering 1) if Elizabeth Shore is off her rocker; and 2) if she does, in fact, have full control of her faculties, how did she get from twinkling lights to hot dancers? Elementary, my dear readers. It’s the Nutcracker.

You see, when I think of the Nutcracker, I think of ballet in general. I love it. So beautiful, so lyrical, so full of hot male dancers. Listen, I can’t be the only one who’s noticed this. The men’s costumes are made for displaying their physical attributes, particularly in the lower halves of their very sexy physiques. This time of year I traditionally attend a performance of the Nutcracker, so as I admire the pretty (albeit cold and wet) snowfall, I start thinking of holidays, and the Nutcracker, and then images of sculpted muscles dance in my head. I mean, what’s not to love about this?
Flexible Male Dancer

Gymnast On RingsI get equally keyed up thinking about male gymnasts. There’s something about a very fit guy with muscles that look chiseled by a master sculptor that just gets me going. And on top of that, dancers and gymnasts are flexible! My writer’s brain is plotting out spicy lovemaking scenes with a guy who can do the splits even as I type this. There are some very delicious possibilities here.

While we’re on the subject, how about figure skaters? Their costumes are generally not as revealing as a dancer’s or gymnast’s, but they’re equally fit and flexible, and skating backwards really works the glutes.
Evan Lysacek

Lastly, I suppose no post about male dancers would be complete without these guys:
Chippendale Dancers
The bodies are undeniable and a thrusting pelvis isn’t all that bad from time to time. There’s a little bit of a goofy element to me with these guys compared with the true masculine beauty of ballet dancers, gymnasts, or skaters but they’re nice to look at so why not?

As you watch the tree lighting tonight, think of the Nutcracker, and ballet, and dancers . . . you’ll feel all warm and cozy in no time. 🙂

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