Sexy Santa Story: Talkin’ ’bout Wicked Wonderland

Wicked WonderlandOnce you’ve got the stockings all hung up with care in the hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there, what’s a gal to do? If you’re like me, you may be in the mood for a spicy read to take away winter’s chill and put you in a merry mood. In that case, you may wish to check out the new erotic fantasy romance from Lisa Whitefern, Wicked Wonderland.

Lilly Rudolph is a well-meaning, devoted daughter who takes a job as a stripper to help her gambling-addicted mother out of financial woes. Lilly’s got problems of her own, namely, a stalker who’s been harassing her for years, a tendency to be accident prone, and stripper co-workers who can’t stand her. While performing a show one night, she runs into Nick Frost and Kris Noelle, half fae lovers whom Lilly had known years ago from college. Back when she was dating Nick, Lilly caught him intimately involved with Kris and found out that her boyfriend and his best friend also happened to be lovers. Feeling shocked and betrayed, Lilly fled them and the relationship and didn’t see them again until they reunite at the strip club ten years later.

Nick and Kris have always missed Lilly and felt incomplete without her in their lives. When they get the opportunity to be with her again, they get her to agree to share one magical night together. Lilly won’t go for more because she doesn’t feel right coming in between Kris and Nick. But they have their fun on that night, and it takes place in a flying sleigh. Kris and Nick were raised by Santa, you see, so they’ve got access to some pretty cool transportation.

Meanwhile, the readers are also introduced to Lilly’s half sister (about whom she’s unaware), Zenobia, who covets the role of Queen of the Fae. She views Lilly as her biggest threat and is going to do what it takes to ensure that Lilly never takes the throne, although Lilly is unaware that she’s fae or that she even has magical powers.

There’s a whole lot goin’ on in this story, at times to its detriment, but one thing that’s definitely hot is the sex. The menage scenes between Lilly, Kris, and Nick are well written and will most certainly raise the temperature in your bedroom. There’s also a quick m/m scene right in the beginning between Nick and Kris that establishes their relationship and is cute, funny, and hot at the same time.

There are a few little things that didn’t quite work for me.  For example, at one point during a battle scene Lilly causes a ship’s mast to break off and fly in the air to fight off an enemy, after which flower petals fall from the sky. Yet later on in the story Lilly still doesn’t believe she has magical powers. Now, I personally have never been able to make inanimate objects whirl about the sky, but if I did I’d certainly start thinking I’ve got some cool powers. Also, Kris and Nick mention several times that they were raised by Santa, so I kept hoping that they’d whisk Lilly off to the North Pole and we readers would meet the big man himself. No such luck. Perhaps Ms. Whitefern has that in mind for a sequel? We can only hope.

Overall this is a hot, fun read that will spice up your holiday in all the right ways. Wicked Wonderland is available at Samhain. I’d recommend that you add it to your list.


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