Outdoor Playtime

Couple In The RainOn a trip to Italy last fall, my husband and I were in Siena when a sudden downpour overtook the city and had tourists scrambling for cover. Most of the tourists, that is, except for one intrepid young couple who remained alone in the middle of Siena’s large main square, kissing passionately while the rain soaked them through and onlookers clapped and cheered. This display of youthful lust and bravado reminded me of an erotic romance I’d read in which the hero and heroine, having been cooped up in a cabin for some period of time, decide to throw caution – and modesty! – to the wind for a good ol’ fashioned outdoor quickie. It was a really hot scene because not only were they outside, but they were rollicking in the midst of a ferocious rainstorm. The couple in the book, unlike the one in Siena, was naked, and the description of their wet, slippery skin while they made love was nothing short of scorching.

I like romance novels that include love scenes taking place out of the bedroom and into the great outdoors. The uniqueness of the outside setting adds interesting elements that can’t be replicated in the bedroom. First off, there’s the weather. A blazing hot sun can make for some blazing hot sex when the couple is sweating and humping beneath it. Hair blows beautifully in the wind. Foggy nights are often equated with mystery novels, but I say fog could be an excellent cover should the hero and heroine be overcome with need and just have to find release outside, shrouded by fog. Even snow makes an interesting contrast when heated bodies are pelted with frigid flakes.

The other obvious element with sex outside is, of course, the allure of discovery. What better way to satisfy a couple’s exhibitionist leanings than by placing them outside amidst risk – or in their case, hope – of discovery. I read a hot ménage not that long ago called Midnight Madness by Olivia Starke in which the heroine happens upon two hunks going at it in the middle of the woods. The combination voyeurism and exhibitionism scene made for a satisfying read indeed.

Outdoors scenes often occur in the woods since there’s convenient built-in camouflage. Oceans and beaches are good choices as well, as well as down and dirty construction sites or garages (door open, of course). I like the fact that the outdoor sex setting brings with it the unique combination of freedom and restriction. There are no boundaries outside, yet there are inherent constraints because the hero and heroine can’t just do it anywhere they please. Or . . . can they? In the hands of a skilled writer, I’d be open to reading about outside sex taking place just about anywhere.

How about you? Do you have favorite outdoor settings, or is lovemaking just way too private of a thing to be taking place where prying eyes might get a glimpse? Share your thoughts!

An awesome weekend to all!

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