The Nominees For Leading Hot Men Are . . .

Bradley Cooper

The Oscar nominations came out yesterday, so from now until February 24th I’ll be on a movie-going frenzy trying to make sure that I see as many of the nominationed films as possible. But here at Lady Smut we’re not necessarily going to have debates over which film is the best because of plot, or […]


Literary Lust

In an earlier post back in October (“Couples Who Read Together”), I referenced a friend of mind who enjoys reading aloud passages from erotic romances to her boyfriend in order to get them both revved up and rarin’ to go. Along that same theme, a friend recently gave me a copy of Literary Lust by Stella Hyde, […]


Collecting The Classics


I’ve been subscribing to the book collecting magazine Firsts for many years. I’m fascinated by the idea of collecting books and all the knowledge that goes into assessing what makes a book valuable, what authors command what prices, how to tell a book’s condition between good (which, in the book collecting world, isn’t actually considered good […]


Hot Men For Cold Nights

Snowy Helsinki

Happy new year, everyone! I hope 2013 has started out well for you and that you had a great holiday season. I spent Christmas this year, as is the case many years, in Helsinki, Finland. If you’ve never been there I can tell you that it’s worth your time to make a trip. Helsinki’s a beautiful city and it’s a […]


Seductive Settings

The New Art of Erotic Massage

There’s nothing like a cozy winter night to set the stage for cozy winter fun. Snow gently falling, fireplace merrily crackling, and your sexy partner relaxed and ready to frolic. Of course, getting the atmosphere just right for an intimate evening requires more than cooperative weather. Setting the stage can go a long ways toward […]


On The Trail Of “Soft Porn”

So I’m flipping through channels the other night and came across what I thought was a regular movie. A girl and a guy are talking about some sort of problem she’s having, and in order to “comfort” her, the guy starts giving her a massage which leads to kissing, heavy petting, clothes coming off . . […]