Not Tonight, Dear. I’m Writing A Sex Scene

I’ve been spending the last few weeks working on the second-round revisions for my upcoming contemporary, Hot Bayou Nights. My editor is great and has made really helpful suggestions. Because the book is an erotic romance, one of those suggestions is that it be “spiced up” even more than it already is. So the other day I […]


Satisfy Me, Baby

Interracial couple

You know how it is when you’ve just finished, and you lay back in the bed feeling completely satisfied, expel a contended sigh, and think to yourself, “Wow. That was great.” Then you close the pages of the book you’ve just read and ponder what you’ll read next. (what? did you think I was talking […]


Indecent As I Wanna Be

Sexy Couple woman on top

I received a comment recently on a post I wrote about Gladiators from Lance Brewer of an organization called “Friends of Decency.” The Friends’ mission, according to their website, is to “stand together to promote decency.” And, as part of their efforts, they encourage banning books that they consider offensive. Now, Lance here strikes me as […]


Drowning In Social Media


Like Kiersten Hallie Krum, I attended the New Jersey Romance Writers of America annual Put Your Heart In A Book conference last weekend. It was a great time. I met new friends, connected with old ones, and learned lots of new things. One of those things I learned is that I will never, ever have […]


Who You Callin’ A Bitch Or A Ho? Why I Hate “Blurred Lines”

Emily R Blurred Lines

I’m going to state right up front that my opinion about the song “Blurred Lines” may be in the minority. After all, it spent twelve weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart, so obviously there are folks bopping along to the catchy beat and thinking it’s a fun little summer tune. But you know what? […]


Step Aside, Buttplug: There’s A New Sheriff In Town


Ah . . the joys of sex toys! Fun to play with, fun to write about. They’re to an erotic romance author what props are to an actor. They add detail to the story and give the performers something to do with their hands. heh . . But in our tech-saturated world where the latest […]