Long haired hotties

Long Haired BlondSince my fellow blogger Liz wrote about sexy bald men on Tuesday, it’s only appropriate to finish out the week by giving their hairy counterparts equal consideration, and I am happily taking on this mission.

In Western culture today, super hairy guys are not typically viewed by females to be in the super sexy category. And when I say hairy, I’m talking about full beard, ‘stach, hairy chest, hairy legs kinda guys. Like our friend below:
Hairy Guy

Long Haired Wet GuyEven in historical romances written in time periods in which full beards were the norm, the hero will often be described as a rogue non-conformist who raises judgmental eyebrows at his clean shaven visage. So beards might be a bust, but what does seem to raise female temperatures are guys with long hair.

Lynsay Sands The KeyFrom Fabio to present day, there are still plenty of romances with long-haired male models gracing the cover. Check out this recent one by Lynsay Sands. He’s got a smooth chest but the shaggy mane falls past his shoulders. Clearly there’s an element of bad-boy and rebelliousness that comes into play with long haired men. The buzz-cut clean ’50s morphed into the long-haired, “don’t trust anyone over 30” rebellious ’60s. But is it only that rogue association that makes us hot for hair? Or is it what you can do with the hair that gets us going? I remember the video by Madonna years ago, “La Isla Bonita,” in which she sashays by the dark haired guitar player and runs her fingers through his flowing locks before moving along.

Long Haired RockerRockers almost always have long hair, and they ooze bad boy like an athlete oozes sweat. I mean, seriously, look at this guy. Not the kind of dude that daddies want their little girls bringing home. Which is exactly the appeal. 🙂

What do you think? Does the long hair make you swoon, or do you prefer your guy neatly trimmed? It’s something rather delicious to think about over the weekend.

Have a good one!


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