I Sing The Body Adorned

Tattooed GirlI recently read the results of a Pew survey stating that forty percent of adults aged 25 – 40 years olds have tattoos. The statistic on piercings for that same age group is a bit less – about a quarter of them – but a healthy number nonetheless. With piercings and tattoos no longer relegated to scary members of society’s fringe, naturally it brings to mind the various interesting and arousing ways in which a body adorned with art and jewels is used in erotic romance.

There’s no doubt that a slow, seductive strip tease can raise the temperature in the room faster than a blowtorch. But add to that the surprise reveal of a tattoo  – near the curve of a woman’s hip, for example – and what was already sensual becomes mind-blowing erotic. The placement, of course, adds to the intimacy. A small butterfly tattoo on the shoulder can be nice, but that same butterfly emerging only when a woman slips off her skirt for her lover is like a surprise gift reserved exclusively for him (Or her. Or them. You get my point).

We humans have been adorning our bodies with tattoos and jewelry for thousands of years. The added element of piercings over tattoos is that they can be sensual for the touch as well as the sight. A tongue pierced with a small metal ball, rings hanging in unexpected places . . . I’m fanning myself in my office as I consider the endless  possibilities for fun, sexy scenes.

I’m definitely seeing tattoos and piercings used more and more and erotic romances. As Madeline pointed out in her post the other day, she and I attended the New Jersey RWA annual conference this past weekend and heard from agents that the erotic romance genre is experiencing a rebirth of sorts. Variations abound, and I know that there are lines of erotic romance that have tattoos and piercings as prominent players in the story lines. Having recently lost my own tattoo virginity when I got myself inked last month, I’m excited about this trend.

How about you, readers? Do you get turned on by tats? Find piercings provocative? Do you feel that body adornments add to the experience, or are they just a great big yuk? Let me know what you think!

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