People often ask writers where we get our ideas from. It's a tough question. Ideas come from anywhere and everywhere — our experiences, our environment, people we know, places we visit. Mainly ideas simply come from our imaginations. An easier question is: from where do we get our inspiration? For me, it comes from two primary sources: art and other writers. I particularly love art from the Renaissance through the 18th century, but there's also artists' work I enjoy who lived much later. As for inspirational writers, of course I love my fellow historical, contemporary, and erotic romance peers. But here in my Inspirations gallery I've chosen to highlight three writers whose inclusion may surprise you. Click around and read the stories. I hope you'll be inspired, too.


Primavera – Botticelli

Primavera. Sandro Botticelli (1445 - 1510)

As you study Renaissance art, it helps to know some mythology. If you look to the far right of Primavera, you see a woman with flowers in her mouth being pursued by a man who’s flying above her. The man flying is the depiction of Zephyr, the first wind of Spring. The woman he’s lusting […]